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About Us

PT Harmoni Drilling Services

PT Harmoni Drilling Services (HDS) is well-known local Indonesian based drilling & workover services provider. Beginning as an Agency based entity, within 5 (five) years PT. Harmoni Drilling Services has now expanded into an integrated services provider with the Oil & Gas Industry, focusing on the provision Onshore & Offshore Drilling Rig services and maintenance services in the Region and Internationally. Now, equipped with relevant experiences and know-how, the company opens a new chapter to become "Rig Owner / Manager" with added local content advantages. Combined, this strategic partnership will entail the cumulating of both of company industry experiences and knowledge based of more than 10 (ten) years to be committed to becoming an innovative leader in consortium contract, by marrying emerging technologies to proven, reliable and safe the rig management and operation. PT HARMONI DRILLING SERVICES is committed to the protection at all times within the scope and control of its drilling projects.

The Company will make the resources available and take all necessary actions to protect the environment by seeking to minimize the environmental impact of project activities and, in setting this goal, the Company will ensure compliance with all local and national environmental regulations and directives.


To be GREAT, a company, built with pride by all our people that sets the standard for excellence. A company that brings value to our customers, provides superior returns to our Consortium Partner and Shareholders and respects the quality of life in every one of our communities.


To be a dynamic company that will continually find and develop opportunities for profitable growth in our core businesses, and that will realize the greatest value from existing assets while keeping tight control of our costs.

We Values

People to value, trust and empower all of our people to be mutually accountable for PT. HARMONI DRILLING SERVICES company success; to provide opportunities in a changing environment without boundaries, where each person can develop to be the best he or she can be.